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Tata Memorial Institute, Mumbai

Tata Memorial Institute , Mumbai
Dr. E Borges Road, Parel,
Mumbai - 400 012 India
Tel.  +91-22-24177000  +91-22-24177000 , +91-24146750, +91-24146755
Fax: +91-22-24146937
E-mail :,

Established in 1941, the Tata Memorial Institute Mumbai , Maharashtra is a pioneer in the field of medical research and care. It houses the Advanced Center for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer that has over the years proved itself as a leader in cancer care in India. This centre primarily deals with patient care, cancer prevention, clinical research and education. The Tata Memorial Institute has a fully developed electronic database of medical records and other facilities in the field of information technology related to hospital management.

Cost of Treatment: The institute provides a variety of services at different scale of charges as required by the patient. Starting from very nominal charges to high rates, a patient can choose his package as to his/her convenience. A complete list of existing tariff rates is available here.

Kind of facilities: The hospital provides both in-patient and out-patient facilities on a regular basis. It is usually advisable to bring in an attendant along with the patient for all administrative purposes.

The visiting hours are: 9.15 am to 5.30 pm Monday-Friday, till 2.15 pm on Saturdays. Emergency services are available 24 hours daily.

For in-patient services, the hospital maintains a Waiting List for Admission and operate a system of deposit at admission. The hospital has developed a wide information network for patients admitted to guide them and help them with a smooth check in and check out procedure. The full procedure can be downloaded here.

Cancer Education: The official website of the institute also provides basic knowledge of the cancer disease in a layman language. This can be extremely useful for attendants of patients and general public interested in learning about the disease. The Tata Memorial Institute website also hosts the more specialized and developed information network for pancreatic cancer sponsored by Roche India. This website provides highly relevant information to patients, health professionals and general public. This educational initiative is intended to congregate all recent developments in cancer research at the national and international level.

The Digital Library at the Institute is also a reliable resource for cancer care in India. To enquire about events, books and journals on cancer , visit the library online.

Financial Assistance: The Institute provides considerable financial assistance to patients in the form of concessions and economical packages. You have to contact the Department of your treatment directly to know about existing discounted rates that are in operation. The hospital regulations will determine your  eligibility to such benefits .

The Hospital also accepts voluntary services, blood donations and material contributions from the general public for the benefit of cancer patients.

Cancer Specialisties: The hospital specialises in all types of Cancer including Bladder, Bone, Breast, Cervical, Colorecta, Gastric (Stomach), Head & Neck, blood (Leukemia), Live, Lung and Skin

Radiation Oncology Department
  1. Dr. S. K. Shrivastava, Head of the Department
  2. Dr. R. Sarin, Director, ACTREC
  3. Dr. (Mrs.) M. A. Muckaden
  4. Dr. J. P. Agarwal
  5. Dr. R. Jalali
  6. Dr. S. Laskar
  7. Dr. (Mrs.)Laskar
  8. Dr. T. Gupta (ACTREC )
  9. Dr. U. M. Mahantshetty
  10. Dr. (Ms.) A. N. Budrukkar
  11. Dr. (Mrs.) R Engineer
  12. Dr. A. Munshi
  13. Dr. V. Murthy (ACTREC )

Surgical Oncology Department

  1. Dr. R.A. Badwe (Breast), Director of TMC and Head of Department of Surgery
  2. Dr. H.B. Tongaonkar (Uro-Gynaecology)
  3. Dr. A. K. D'Cruz (Head & Neck)
  4. Dr. R. A. Kerkar (Uro-Gynaecology)
  5. Dr. Ajay I. Puri (Bone & Soft tissue)
  6. Dr. M. G. Agarwal (Bone & Soft tissue)
  7. Dr. P. J. Shukla (G.I. Surgery)
  8. Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Maheshwari (Gynaecology)
  9. Dr. Devendra A. Chaukar (Head & Neck)
  10. Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi (Head & Neck)
  11. Dr. Prathamesh S.Pai (Head & Neck)
  12. Dr. Vani Parmar (Breast)
  13. Dr. S. Shrikhande(G.I. Surgery)
  14. Dr. (Mrs.) Prabha S. Yadav  (Plastic, Reconstructive & Microvascular Surgery)
  15. Dr. Quazi G. Ahmad (Plastic, Reconstructive & Microvascular Surgery)
  16. Dr. C. S. Pramesh (Thoracic)
  17. Dr. Gouri Pantvaidya (Head & Neck )
  18. Dr. Ganesh K Bakshi (Uro-Gynaecology)
  19. Dr. George Karimundackal (Thoracic)

Preventive Oncology

  1. Dr. S. S. Shastri (Head)         
  2. Dr. (Mrs.) S. S. Patil
  3. Dr. (Mrs) Gauravi A. Mishra